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Although the perpetrators have not been caught, but the Jakarta Football gear center your accessories have identified the gunman members of the police that occurred in the region and Chester Pondok Aren, South Tangerang last approximately August 2013. Football gear center your accessories said, the two perpetrators were identified as the terrorist network, Nurul Haq and Hendi Albar.

Next, the case of theft of artifacts in the Museum Gajah, Central Jakarta which occurred in September 2013 and then, which until now, has not been revealed who did it. Director Reskrimum City Police Commissioner Pol Heru Pranoto revealed, it along with the Central Jakarta Police are still investigating the disappearance of ancient objects 10th century relic that.

“We are with the Central Jakarta Police, from the initial stage of the crime scene and then do a couple of witnesses, especially a museum employee. Till now there has been directing investigation into the perpetrators,”said Heru.

Heru admit, it was the difficulty in solving the case due to lack of evidence and clues.

Accidents in Probolinggo which brought dozens of people who mourn with pickup pickup truck takes 18 lives. But riding pickup combination seems to have become a habit, because it likes to go abuzz.